Portrait for everybody

On the last school day we surprised our students. We set up a makeshift photo studio and took pictures of each student and the staff. After the traditional last school day meal of fried puries, veg curry and lots of rice pudding with fruit salad each student received together with the certificate the printed photo in a bag with the name of the school printed on it. One hundred portraits, hundred bags, thousands of smiles. Now we ll all enjoy some rest, see you after the holidays! 

We have new postcards

We just made a new edition of the classic postcards for the school. They are bought by all the visitors that come to Brown Bread Bakery in Delhi or Varanasi, and they spread the word of the schol all over the world. Also the money collected is used exlcusively in the school.
This edition was made thanks to Asas da Imaginaçao, Brasil.

Photography workshop

Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr was visiting us, and she made a photo workshop with our students.

Time to Clean

Today we cleaned the school. Have a look!


Happy Birthday Nicole Mam

Opening of the School park

In this way they may escape the cycle of poverty through their own strength and take their lives into their own hands.

In the month of February we finally had the opening of our school park and nursery! The children made a great show with songs, theatre plays and dance...we even saw a great version of a Michael Jackson's song dance!!