The 14th of november was children's day. We had a full day in school dedicated to games, food and extra activities. It was fun and we had bread pakoras, a delicious indian street dish freshly prepared by our ladies cooks!


Happy Halloween to everybody from Badi Asha school


Our rooftop garden is improving. We are now planting tomatoes and zucchini! Every day a different class takes care of the watering and the planting. We will hopefully be able to have our own vegetables in few months!!


Once a month Badi Asha and Jeevan schools are having teachers training together. We think it's a great opportunity to improve and share our teaching skills with another NGO who has a similar philosophy.


On Friday 17 march we went like every year to waterpark with the kids....! As usual we all enjoyed a lot and for them was also a school break before the final year examination that is going on this week. Enjoy some pictures!

Our new american pals

Today, we received a package from Miss Kate and Miss Charley's preschool class in Charlottesville, Virginia in the US. They sent Valentine's cards and artwork, along with all sorts of cool ideas for art projects. Today, we drew pictures to send back to them. We also painted with straws and did some great weaving work on the screen walls of the kindergarten classroom.

Republic day 2017, dancing and celebrating in the park.

we have a smart class!!

The interactive projector finally arrived and it's installed!!!
Thanks to all italian friends who donated money making this project possible!

Thanks Marco Sir!

Schiwago film made

A movie shooting for germany’s TV chanel ZDF called ‘‘child from Ganges river‘‘ in Varanasi. One of the main characters of that movie, Gaby Dohm visited the Badi Asha school. Being overhelmed by our project she declared that from now on she will take over the patronage fort he project. Furthermore the production company Schiwago film announced that they would also like to support our project with a little donation to contribute to the care (school education, food, school uniform, health insurance) of the children. This is why today we created this need ( costs for 30 children with 25€ per month) on A big thank you for all of your support from Micha, Nicole & Co.