Geography lesson with Marco Sir going on!

New project by Zainab Lax

We have recently started a new project by Zainab Lax (25), fourth year music therapy student at ArtEZ Conservatory Enschede/Netherlands. She will be at our school until end of the year to do her last year internship. She is giving individual music therapy sessions to those kids with learning difficulties like for example concentration problems. Besides that she is also doing group sessions with the upper classes (B C and D). The Idea behind the project is to offer music to the kids as an medium and an opportunity to gain control and power in life and to improve their quality of life. Music can be used to develope social skills, personal strengths and to develop identity. Zainab wants to show the kids how to use music as a resource in life.

Vocational Training

'Since August 2016 a new Vocational Training has bee introduced at Badi Asha School.
The Stitching training teaches children embroidery sewing, design and textile's craft.
Children from class 2 to class 5 can join the stitching classes every day in the afternoon time and it is a great opportunity for them to grow their creativity and build new skills for their future life.'

Student are eating food together.

Here all kids are enjoying in sand games.

Please save me because I am part of your life.

Please save me because I am part of your life.

I am eating banana because I m hungry

Power of unity

I am the Sun , the source of light

there are nothing only beautiful flowers here.

fish are queens of the water

We are all artist

Pics of the day

Hi to all of u

I  m sarika . i m sending you some pictures which are  taken by class C students of Badi Asha School.

Performing an act  just like Goddess of Wealth(luxmi).

We should clean our environment.