Break and through to the other side

We went on a boat trip to the other side of Ganga, we some of the students, to take a bath. Varanasi is really hot now, today was 42 degrees! The kids do appreciate a fun bath on this side of the river, a bit cleaner then the city side.

Making a new institutional film

The great Isaac Niemand came again to Varanasi to make a new film for the school.
The film will be available here in our blog, and also in our Vimeo page.

Theatre !

We made an stage in the school, and all the kids were invited to play different rolls.

Puja and party time

Making the unavoidable Puja for the right function of our new space.

The kindergarden is open!

We are inaugurating a new area for the school! There will be the nursery, the playground, a mini-outdoor cinema and an organic vegetable garden. Right next to our school in Aurangabad.