UN Diwali Bazaar in Delhi

On the 18th of October we were invited to set up a stall at the UN Diwali Bazaar!
People enjoyed our bakery proucts, cheese, hot dogs and appreciated our tailoring garments during the event organized at the UN lawns in Delhi.


Exam time for our trainees

Exam time for our trainees at Delhi Brown Bread Bakery Restaurant!
They all passed the cook apprenticeship test ­čĹŹ­čĆŻ
They have mastered all possible style of eggs, paratha, perfect cappuccino and every type of shakes.
Try it for yourself, come to grab a bite at our restaurant in Paharganj Main Bazaar and, at the same time, support out vocational training project

History classes starting

At the Badi Asha School we recently started history classes for the 5th class students. 
The response has been a success! 
Students are eager and curious to learn about their own city’s past and culture.