The ignorant man is not the unlearned, but he who does not know himself,
and the learned man is stupid when he relies on books, on knowledge and on authority to give him understanding.
Understanding comes only through self- knowledge,
which is awareness of one's total psychological process.
Thus education, in the true sense, is the understanding of oneself,
for it is within each one of us that the whole of existence is gathered.

                                                                              J. Krishnamurti


October 9, 2012 at 12:56 AM Nandi said...

Ich habe die Learn for Life School diesen September 2 Wochen lang besucht und hatte daher das Glück dieses wundervolle Projekt kennenlernen zu dürfen! Da ich als Medizinstudentin den motivationslosen Schul- und Uni-Alltag in Österreich gewöhnt bin, hat mich die Begeisterung, mit der die Kinder jede Minute in der Schule genießen, besonders berührt.

Ich hatte auch die Ehre den Kindern ein Grundverständnis für den Körper und Hygiene vermitteln zu dürfen und war beeindruckt von den kleinen Klassen, in der jedes Kind einzeln wahrgenommen wird.

Ein großartiges Projekt!

I visited the school this September and had the chance to get an impression of this wonderful project! As a medical student I’m used to the dull everyday life at Austrian university and so I was moved by the enthusiasm with which the children enjoy every minute in school.

I also had the honour to teach the children some basic understanding of hygiene and the human body and was impressed by the small classes, in which every child is perceived as an individual with its individual background.

A great project!

January 29, 2018 at 1:58 AM LiliaMaria said...

As a volunteer I had the chance to work in the Badi Asha School for five months.
It was a wonderful experience to get to know the children and the team of the school and to learn how an NGO like this is working.

During my time in the school I helped the teachers in class as an assistance, did art projects with the children and helped with running the social media.

Learn for life is a great project and to see what they managed to build here in Varanasi is wonderful.

January 29, 2018 at 7:27 AM anwisthal said...

I‘m working as a volunteer at the school since October 2017 and will stay till the end of March 2018. Until now I have just positive things to say about the school and the project. The people involved really care about the kids and the school, the teachers always want to improve themselves and the children are so nice and lovely, it’s just fun working with them.
I’m working in the kindergarten, helping with teaching, playing and preparation. I’m also doing social media for the Brown Bread Bakery and work there from time to time, when someone is absent.
Overall it’s been a great experience so far, I can recommend to everybody who’s interested in social work, working with kids or teaching.
If you have any questions you’re welcome to ask:

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